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Build your own town! Town is a playful and different sound absorber. The Town series comes with five different house models. Town is equally suitable for schools, offices and public environments. By adding panels from our other series, an exciting skyline can easily be created. Design: Maria Gustavsson

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Beautiful shapes, healthier sound environment

Shapes and Dimensions

Our Town wall absorber is available in five designs.


700 x 1050 mm


950 x 750 mm


900 x 1650 mm


450 x 530 mm


500 x 1350 mm

Beautiful shapes, healthier sound environment

Standard groups

Our Town wall absorbers are priced individually but also come in pre-combined standard groups, created by our designer. For further standard groups see below under Documents.

Old Town

2000 x 1350 mm

4 pcs Townhouse

Small Town

3100 x 1350 mm

1 pc Apartment, 1 pc Barn, 2 pcs Townhouse, 1 pc House


3500 x 1050 mm

1 st Apartment, 2 st Barn, 2 st House

Beautiful shapes, healthier sound environment


For standard fabrics see below. Other fabrics can be quoted, please contact us for a quote.

Europost 2
Atlantic Screen
Spark Delilight

The products have the highest possible sound absorption performance at medium and high frequencies, i.e. at 500-4000Hz. Absorption rating is measured in classes A-E, and since the absorption class is measured over the entire frequency range, the overall rating is B.