Beautiful silence

We design unique and beautiful sound absorbers that improve acoustics in schools, offices, hotels and other public environments.

Wobedo Design was founded in 2007 in Lund by interior architect Christel Månsson. Working in a noisy open office environment with increasing difficulty concentrating, she began to think of a solution to the problem. From a few simple sketches and product ideas, Wobedo Design is now a design company focusing on beautiful and high-performance sound absorbers for all public spaces.

The products are characterized by unique design and combine the best in design, function and durability.

Today we have several of the largest retailers in the Swedish market, such as Input Interiör, Lekolar, Sonos, Formis and Kinnarps, among others. We are also represented by several foreign retailers.

Our designers

Wobedo Design combines the best in design, function and sustainability

Christel Månsson
Founder & Designer

Christel Månsson, founder of Wobedo Design of Sweden, educated at Konstfack in Stockholm, specializing in Interior Architecture and Furniture Design. Since then, Christel has worked in the interior design industry in Stockholm and southern Sweden both as an employee and self-employed.

Maria Gustavsson

Swedish Ninja is a young design company created by Maria Gustavsson. The company produces interesting, unique and timeless furniture in sustainable materials.