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Squarebubbles, sleek and stylish with soft corners and ends. Squarebubbles is an effective sound absorber and at the same time a beautiful interior detail. Four sizes in four designs provide choice and flexibility. Squarebubbles is also sold in pre-combined groups. Design: Christel Månsson

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Beautiful shapes, healthier sound environment

Shapes and Dimensions

Our Squarebubbles wall absorber is available in four different sizes and four designs.

Square XL

1100 x 1100

Square Large

600 x 600 mm

Square Medium

450 x 450 mm

Square Small

300 x 300 mm

Square Stripe 2


Square Stripe 1


Square Circle


Beautiful shapes, healthier sound environment

Standard groups

Our Squarebubbles wall absorbers are priced individually but also come in pre-combined standard groups, created by our designer. For further standard groups see below under Documents.

Dots in a Box - L

1900 x 1900 mm

9 st Square Circle L

Harmony - L

1900 x 1900 mm

4 pcs Square L, 3 pcs Earth

Stripes on theWall - L

1900 x 1250 mm

6 pcs Square Stripe 2 L

Beautiful shapes, healthier sound environment


For standard fabrics see below. Other fabrics can be quoted, please contact us for a quote.

Europost 2
Atlantic Screen
Spark Delilight

The products have the highest possible sound absorption performance at medium and high frequencies, i.e. at 500-4000Hz. Absorption rating is measured in classes A-E, and since the absorption class is measured over the entire frequency range, the overall rating is B.